Nursery In Miami Florida,      Buy Direct From Grower 


Silver Bismarkia Palm

These are in 25 gallon pots, between 5 and 6 foot tall. $50 each 
Buy 5 or more $40 each


Areca Palms

These are in 7 gallon pots between 5 and 6 foot tall $10,
Note these are 7 Gallon pots not 3gallon.
Probably the best Hedge you could have now that the Ficus is dying,

Low maintenance, -------------NO trimming and NO shaping 
The most tropical looking hedge of all


Spindle Palms

This picture is a SAMPLE PICTURE of an Adult Spindle this particular palm is NOT FOR SALE...
I hava this palm in several sizes, see below!!!!!!.
I have this palm in 7 gallon for $10
Also in 15 gallon for $15


3 galllon Spindle Palms

I have 5,000 of these to choose from


Spindle Palms in 25 gallon pots...


Triple Spindles in 25 gallon pots

These are now about 8 foot tall
Very nice and rare arragement, makes perfect center piece


Christmas Palms,    25 gallon $45

The ones I have left are between 8 and 10 foot tall for $45, 
NOTE: I am out of the 12 foot tall ones.
I also have some in 15 gallon for $25


3 gallon Christmas Palms

These pictures are prior to the freeze we had several weeks ago, the palms have some brown on them now from freeze.

7 gallon Christmas Palms


European Fan Palm

This is a SAMPLE picture, this particular palm is not for sale.
I have these in several size containers.
I have in 3 gallon pots for $3.50
I have in 7 gallon pots for $12
I have in 15 gallon pots for $20
I also have Silver viriety in 7 gallon pots for $25, VARY RARE

AAA FARMS,  - - - - 17425 SW 169 Ave., - - - - - Miami, FL. 33187 
(Turnpike South to Exit 13th. Eureka Dr.)
(Go Right (West) on Eureka to 167th Ave.)
(Go Right (North) on 167th Ave, 2 Blocks to 176 Street)
(Go Left on 176 Street (Dirt Road) 2 blocks to end of road)
(Go Right ½ block to (AAA FARM) gate.)

Call ahead of time!!!!!!!

Andy 305-498-8814